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Looking to pivot your business using Social Media?

Perfect if you're new or just starting out on Social Media

The Ultimate Social Media Playbook is an intense 4 course online Masterclass! I'll walk you through the creation of a Social Road Map, then I tap into your creative side using Canva so you can make gorgeous, customized graphics. Finally, I dive into Facebook and Instagram and make sense out of it all for you - yes, even those hashtags.

Get to know Alysha

Alysha McLean is a high energy Realtor and Business Coach in the Greater Toronto Area who specializes in Social Media Marketing. Alysha inspires and creates a positive and lasting impact with all her clients. She believes in modernizing the experience of business growth by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and integrity. Using unparalleled marketing strategies, she has crafted her social media exposure utilizing large social networks globally, resulting in podcast appearances, keynote speaking and coaching opportunities. Alysha is known for her forward thinking marketing, positive mindset and solution based approach. As a Master Practitioner in Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy, she is able to cut through the clutter transforming you and your brand, no matter what stage your business is at.
Alysha McLean, Founder Get Social Daily

Come on… it’s time to - Get Social.